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A Review of "Duly Constituted Authority"

This nail-biter is about extraordinary events in an atmosphere not unrecognizable from the present. Reformers ceaselessly determined to upend the social order. Political correctness gone mad. Threats to military readiness. Slashing defense budgets. A 'gay' president. An uncertain international security environment. Recidivistic Russia. Belligerent North Korea. Alex Drinkwater has written a tale with noble themes, cruel actions, and the unfortunate impact of the corruption of power. With characters to love and others to despise, and enough outrageous acts for several plots, this book will entertain you, instruct you in the ways of our government, and reward you with great entertainment. I liked it! 


A purchaser on Amazon.com

Another Review of "Duly"

Lucid and exciting story about Liberal/Progressives gone to far. What happens when the PC folks take over the government? Speculative fiction at the best. Some will object to this book as it comes to terms with issues which we have in real life, today. Of course, they are the ones who prefer to scream, shout and demonstrate rather than have a civil discourse on how to solve problems of race, gender, and political views. I liked the book and recommend it to anyone. There are a few typographic errors, but minor in the context of the great job of authorship.

A Review of "Ghosts of Hanoi"

"A friend recommended this book to me. It was the first electronic book I've purchased. I bought it in .pdf format for use on my laptop, and devoured it on a train ride between Albuquerque and Chicago. The story was fast-paced and had the added benefit of geographical accuracy. It's evident the author did his research and the subject matter was of great interest to me due, probably, due to my experiences..." 


A purchaser on Amazon.com

From another purchaser of "The Ghosts of Hanoi:"

This adventure of an uncomfortable period a lot of us haven't thought about recently is fast-paced with gritty no-nonsense dialog, and characters so recognizable that you might feel like you want to slap some sense into a few of them! Anyone fed up with bueracracy and overpowering seniors with an agenda will appreciate the dilemma faced by Buzz Basilio, the main character. His headstrong ways lead some very surprising outcomes and a few twists that will drive the reader through this story. The settings are familiar to those in Washington, DC, and to those who have been in Southeast Asia. Definitely worth the read! 

And Another . . .

Very well writen, rich in information about POW/MIA issues. Obligatory for all people eager to know more this unsolved issue!

A Review of "Tempus Non Fugit"

A masterful literary handling of one of mankind's great quests...finding a fountain of youth, the elixir that will dramatically extend life. Mr. Drinkwater's "what if" takes us on a brief but fascinating journey with scientist/inventor Bernard Turcotte and his colleague Garrett Lanier as they inject themselves,and others, with the former's newly discovered and largely untested compound, TNF, and embark on the wonderful journey of near agelessness... or is it? Their unexpected "rewards" for discovering a magical near-cure for aging makes a great read! Bravo, Mr. Drinkwater.


A Reviewer on Smashwords.com


NOTE: "DULY CONSTITUTED AUTHORITY" had been selected by Readers Guild to be part of an upcoming anthology of thrillers. Unfortunately the company's fortunes have taken a turn for the worse and the contract has been terminated. Therefore "Duly"  is now available  for purchase at Amazon

My latest novel, "In the Name of the Sun," is now finally finished.  I had hoped to get this one published the "traditional" but I have decided to self-publish (see my "miniblog" for more on this). "Sun" is best described as a science fiction thriller.







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