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Welcome to the Website of        Alex Drinkwater, Jr.

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What happens when a president of the United States goes off the deep end?  Imagine a president giving one unreasonable order after another to the US military in the name of “social reforms,” without considering the effects on combat effectiveness and military preparedness.  Aided by a radical secretary of defense with a personal ax to grind, plus enough allies in Congress willing to go along, and you have the recipe for a constitutional crisis the likes of which the  nation hasn’t seen since Truman versus MacArthur.  It’s Seven Days in May in reverse, with the extremist in the White House and the Joint Chiefs of Staff standing in the way of the decline of the US as a superpower. The world watches and our nation’s enemies wait to see the outcome as the White House takes on the Pentagon.  Can the cops and the FBI prevail over tanks and jet fighters?  A political “potboiler” in the mold of Allen Drury with a bit of Tom Clancy thrown in!

Were some American POWs left behind after the Vietnam War ended?

Were some American POWs left behind after the Vietnam War ended?  Is it possible that Hanoi played us like fools trying to make us believe there were POWs still there while, at the same time, officially denying it? Play the video and find out!

“According to the Defense Prisoner of War/Missing Personnel Office there are still 1,681 U.S. servicemen still unaccounted for from the Vietnam War.” That statement comes from the Defense Prisoner of War/Missing Personnel Office (DPMO), and is dated 27 March 2012. During the late 1970s and 1980s, a large number of people including influential members of the US Government believed there were large numbers of US servicemen still held in captivity in Southeast Asia by the Communist governments of Vietnam and Laos. “The Ghosts of Hanoi” is the story of an intrepid intelligence analyst working in the Pentagon’s office charged with investigating “sightings” of POWs in Southeast Asia. There is pressure from his superiors to “prove” there are still men held captive but he doesn’t believe it. Striking out on his own, he discovers what seems to be a huge conspiracy by the Hanoi government and certain Vietnamese-Americans living outside Washington, DC to convince the US that there are live POWs over there, while simultaneously denying it at the official level. But why? That’s what leads Anthony “Buzz” Basilio on the adventure of his lifetime that almost costs him his cfreedom. “Ghosts” is a work of fiction written by a former POW/MIA investigator dealing with an issue that still stubbornly refuses to go away - the fate of almost   1700 US servicemen still unaccounted for in a war that everyone wants to forget.






NOTE: "DULY CONSTITUTED AUTHORITY" had been selected by Readers Guild to be part of an upcoming anthology of thrillers. Unfortunately the company's fortunes have taken a turn for the worse and the contract has been terminated. Therefore "Duly"  is now available  for purchase at Amazon

My latest novel, "In the Name of the Sun," is now finally finished.  I had hoped to get this one published the "traditional" but I have decided to self-publish (see my "miniblog" for more on this). "Sun" is best described as a science fiction thriller.







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